Men's Peloton Bib Shorts

This is a custom item and will be customized with your group's graphics and logos. The image shown is an example of what's possible.


The men's Peloton bib shorts have a 9-panel construction and a highly breathable bib top for an anatomical fit and excellent performance on and off the bike. The sweeping side panels and large rear panel are well-suited for custom artwork and will perfectly display your team’s artwork in the large printable areas.


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Fit & Sizing

Men's Sizing

Waist Weight Height Chest
X Small 26-29 100-120 5'5' and under 33-35
Small 29-31 120-145 5'4' to 5' 8' 35-37
Medium 32-34 145-170 5'7' to 5'11' 38-40
Large 35-37 170-190 5'10' to 6'2' 40-42
X Large 38-41 190-220 6'1' to 6'5' 42-44
XX Large 42-45 220-250 6'3' and up 44-46
XXX Large 46-50 250-260 6'3' and up 46-48

Technical Information

Forza high compression spandex

Forza HC (High Compression) is here. This family of fabrics is milled in Italy from superior materials, including tightly knit fine yarns, increased spandex content, and surface dimpling for visual appeal. This combination makes for a texturally interesting fabric that is highly durable, visually opaque, and provides greater compression for increased performance and sustainable fit.


KW Image KW Image

Triton fabric

Triton is a matte-finished fabric made of Nylon/Lycra micro-denier yarns. Designed to be durable, form fitting and extremely comfortable. Weight: 213g / 7.5 oz.


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Mens Chrono SLM

The Chrono SLM starts with a 4mm low density surface foam that is bonded to a high density perforated 10mm foam. The foam is then sculpted away from areas where you need less thickness. This reveals lower density comfort foam at the outer edges, and high density foam at the pressure areas.  Its 3D sculpted surface is a seamless landscape that provides support where you need it and minimizes abrasion causing edges. The surface fabric is made from Soflex Nylon which is highly breathable and ultra soft. 35cm in length. Compare Voler's current pads

  • 6+ hours of ride time
  • seamless construction
  • antibacterial Soflex Nylon
  • perforated for breathability
  • 4 way stretch


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Men's Comp HP

Our first Cytech pad with Elastic Interface Technology. The Comp Hp is the evolution of the Multi-D Comp, one of Cytechs most successful pads. This updates version features pre-molded wings and an integrated top for a smooth, seamless look.While the overall dimensions are almost the same, the ultra high density foam inserts have been enlarged in order to deliver a greater degree of comfort during longer rides while in the road bike position. While keeping the minimalist, flat design of the original pad, the central channel has been slightly modified to provide more relief along the perineal area. A reduced usage of the back liner makes the pad even more lightweight and breathable, allowing greater freedom of movement. Compare Voler's current pads.

  • 6+ hours of ride time
  • Seamless 3D construction
  • EIT Carbonium Microfibre fabric
  • Four density foams
  • 4 way stretch
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Men's Torino Pad

The Torino pad is the perfect all around pad. Completely seamless construction, and 3 level molded center increases ride comfort and reduces strain on pressure points. The ultra soft, antibacterial MircoXfine fabric is also fully perforated for additional breathability. Compare Voler's current pads.

  • up to 4 hours ride time
  • seamless construction
  • antibacterial MircoXfine fabric
  • perforated for breathability
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Mens Trilogy Eos

We have upgraded the Trilogy pad by adding Skyve Technology, which combines two foam densities into each pressure area of the pad. This smoothes the transitions between the thickest and thinnest portion of the pads. So no hard spots are left on the pad surface, only a soft contoured edge, eliminating hot spots. Compare Voler's current pads.

  • 6+ hours of ride time
  • five-layer construction paired with three different foam densities to put the perfect padding right where it's needed
  • perforated foam for maximum breathability
  • Swiss antibacterial surface fabric is designed to pull both heat and moisture away from the skin
  • perfect for long distance training and racing
  • 36 cm in length
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