Our Start

Voler was founded in 1986 by Jacques Deyo. An extreme windsurfer and avid cyclist, Jacques' love of the sport and the outdoors combined with his genuine desire to create quality products people would use in the pursuit of their own passions, led the company into making cycling apparel.

Voler Logos

Our Commitment

The fact that we proudly claim 'USA Made'* is not by chance. Our commitment to the manufacturing of premium quality cycling apparel at our Grover Beach California factory extends beyond ensuring we produce the finest product possible; it's about fighting the good fight.

Fun Facts

  • 45,000 KW of electricity generated per year by the solar panels atop our factory
  • Two hundred tons of paper waste recycled each year
  • 50,000 lbs of C02 removed from the air each due to our green commitment

Our Goal

We lead the cycling apparel industry in creating premium quality apparel for cyclists as well as providing superior customer service that is second to none. With very few exceptions, our garments are completely handcrafted with great pride in Grover Beach, California. Learn more about why Voler?

Thank you for your support! We look forward to serving you!

*Our USA made products are produced with the finest quality domestic and foreign fabrics and trims. The products we carry that are not made in our factory are clearly marked as such on our website. Please call us at 800-644-4002 if you need clarification on a specific product.