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Short and Long Sleeve

Locking Zippers

Our lightest weight full length zipper choice, 30% lighter than our normal full length jersey zipper. The zipper's small/lighter coils and tape help eliminate zipper bulge by easily conforming to your body. When the zipper's pull tab is in the down position, it locks the zipper mechanism, preventing your jersey from opening more than desired.

Pixel Fabric (upgrade)

This highly reflective fabric provides an integrated level of visibility and safety without compromising the performance of the jersey. Pixel is covered with thousands of screen printed glass beads that illuminate when struck by light, increasing visibility in low light or night time rides. Pixel is only available on the rear pockets of select jerseys.

Pattern Updates

The 2017 Velocity and FS Pro jerseys have been re-worked for improved fit, style, and performance. We have raised the collar on the Velocity jersey and introduced upgraded fabrics to the rest of the garment. Trionic fabric on the sleeves and Nova fabric on the front body panel add ventilation without affecting the aero fit. The FS Pro Jersey has been modified by removing the flat seam along the collar and the back yoke for increased comfort and better artwork integration.


Shorts and Knickers

PowerGrip Coolmax Leg Bands

PowerGrip leg bands have been upgraded for 2017, they are now made from lighter-weight, but more breathable Coolmax fibers offering better breathability and comfort.

Milano Fabric (upgrade)

Milano is a premium elastane fabric milled in Italy from tightly knit fine yarns and, increased spandex content, resulting in a compression fit that helps battle fatigue on long rides. Surface texturing knitted into the fabric makes it highly opaque and durable, yet breathable and comfortable.

The Best Chamois Selection

All of our cycling bottoms come with various chamois choices to ensure you get the most comfortable pad for you body and riding style. With multiple top-end chamois made by Elastic Interface our pad choices for 2017 can't be beat./p>


Short and Long Sleeve

Sola XLT Fabric

Sola XLT is now used on Skinsuit tops for reduced weight and improved breathability. Sola XLT is a highly opaque matte-finished elastane, constructed using micro-denier yarns. It is a breathable yet durable fabric that provides an extremely comfortable, non-compressive fit. 200 GSM / UPF 28+.

Various Fabric Choices

Our Velocity CX Skinsuit is available in Yukon thermal fabric or lighter-weight Sola XLT; allowing you two choices for a full season of inclement cross racing.

Chamois Choices

Men's and Women's specific chamois for a variety of disciplines including a Time Trial specific chamois choice for our TT Speedsuit.


Jackets, Vests and Accessories

Denali LT Fabric

A tri-laminate thermal fabric, Denali LT is constructed of a medium stretch surface elastane, a wind and water resistant internal membrane, and a soft fleece backing. New for this season, this LT fabric is 30% lighter while still providing excellent thermal protection.

Reflective Elements

To aid in rider visibility and safety in low light and night riding conditions, reflective binding / piping is added to the back panel on all outerwear.

Crystal Fabric

Ultra-light, packable, airtight, and water-repellent features allow our Crystal fabric to shield you from the elements. In addition to its protective qualities, it is transparent enough to allow your underlying kit to show through.


Skinsuits, Tops and Shorts

Integrated Storage

The FS Pro Tri Short and Transition Top feature two integrated side stash pockets for gel, food, or key/ID storage during your run or ride.

Sola XLT Fabric

Sola XLT is the lighter-weight version of Sola, a perfect choice for multi-sport tops. Sola XLT is a highly opaque matte-finished elastane, constructed using micro-denier yarns. It is a breathable yet durable fabric that provides an extremely comfortable, non-compressive fit. 200 GSM / UPF 28+.

Drawstring Waist

Based on multi-sport athlete feedback, we have added an optional drawstring waist to the FS Pro tri short for an adjustable fit that is more secure during the swim, bike, and run.


New Tops for Men and Women

5 Inch Zipper

Available on the Cross Country Jersey - the 5 inch Locking Zipper is excellent for providing additional ventilation while maintaining an off-road appropriate look.

Genesis Fabric

A great choice for MTB tops where staying cool is a top priority, Genesis is the new generation of performance fabric. The micro denier Polyester yarns are designed to transport moisture through channeling, to push moisture from your skin to the outside of the fabric, where it can evaporate more efficiently. The micro denier yarns also provide a soft and comfortable feel while providing durability and superior sun protection with a UPF rating of 28+.

Improved Fit

The Cross Country and Trail jerseys are available in both men's and women's patterns with a more tailored fit than our Enduro jerseys. A great choice for all types of mountain biking adventures.

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