Free Full Custom Apparel Online Ordering for Teams & Clubs

The easiest way to order clothing for the team is to have them do the work for you. Our Online Ordering System is powerful and easy to use. You can set custom prices, turn on and off items and even customize the order home page. Individuals are then given a secure link to login and place their own orders, payments and all. Full order reports and customers list are available to the clothing coordinator. This service is complimentary to Voler Customers.
Two new enhancemnts have been made to the ording site this year. All online orders will automatically run with AutoPac. This is now a FREE service where each person’s order is separated and packed just for them, so when the order arrives to the coordinator it is already pre-sorted by teammate.
We have taken AutoPac to the next level and actually ship orders directly to each member. There are no service fees added, just standard UPS ground shipping rates or USPS. If your team is interested in using the Online Ordering System please call our sales department at 800-488-6537.

Pricing Policy

All inclusive pricing - Designed to take the burden out of determining your clothing pricing. All clothing prices include art set-ups and all colors. There are no hidden or additional charges.

Like Item Pricing

VOLER's advanced 'Like Item Pricing' system allows you to combine like items within each group to meet the 15 piece minimum per category. Items can also be combined within each Like Item category to move up to the next quantity break.


New Re-order Minimums - Our standard order minimums are still 15 pieces per like item category. Re-orders now only have a 5 piece minimum, per like item category and you will receive your quantity price from the original main order. This applies to orders delivered within the same season: Oct. 1 through Sept. 30. Orders after this time are considered new orders.
Plan in advance - Because our schedule fills so rapidly, we recommend that you hold a spot for your reorder at the time you place your original order.
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