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A new coloful version of our Pro Tri Skinsuit offers the comforts of a cycling skinsuit but tailored to the needs of a multi sport athlete. Small rear pockets are tucked out of the way while offering secure storage for gels and small bottles. The inseam of our men’s size medium tri skinsuit is 9 ¼”. Features PowerGrip leg openings for fool-proof transitions. Made from moisture wicking Sola XLT fabric and Trionic sleeves.

Our moisture-wicking and quick-drying Sync pad provides enough comfort for your ride, won’t swell up in the pool or feel bulky during your run.

  • Short Sleeves - for additional sun protection
  • Two Pockets - rear pockets are great for gels and small bottles
  • Sync Pad - minimalist tri pad specially designed for swimming, biking, and running
  • Sola XLG - lightweight stretchy and breathable
  • Inseam Length - 9 ¼” size medium
  • Power Grip - secure and compressive leg bands for comfort and performance

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Fit & Sizing

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Men's Sizing

Weight Height Chest Waist
X Small 100-120 lbs 5'5' and under 33'-35' 26'-29'
Small 120-145 lbs 5'4' to 5' 8' 35'-37' 29'-31'
Medium 145-170 lbs 5'7' to 5'11' 38'-40' 32'-34'
Large 170-190 lbs 5'10' to 6'2' 40'-42' 34'-36'
X Large 190-220 lbs 6'1' to 6'5' 42'-44' 36'-40'
2X Large 220-250 lbs 6'3' and up 44'-46' 40'-44'
3X Large 250-260 lbs 6'3' and up 46'-48' 44'-48'

Technical Information


We're so excited to be able to offer this new PowerGrip leg band on our Pro line of Shorts, Bib Shorts and Skinsuits. With a fantastic array of features, we're sure you will experience nothing but the ultimate in comfort, durability, and performance. Made from form fitting, Silicone free Lycra fabric with 2-way stretchability. Specially engineered breathable fabric with carbon-texture on the inside of the band guarantees an effective grip on your skin. With a balanced level of compression proportionate to muscle volume, these PowerGrip bands help prevent the legs from riding up and eliminate the sausage effect you can sometimes experience with standard leg grippers. The compression also helps improve blood circulation and body performance. Standard on Pro Shorts, Bibs and Skinsuits.

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Sola XLT

Sola XLT is a light weight, matte-finished opaque fabric constructed using micro-denier yarns for a breathable, form fitting and extremely comfortable fit.

  • Milled in China
  • Weight (polyester) 200 GSM
  • Sun Protection UPF rating 28+
  • Durability (scale 1-5): 3.5
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Sync (Tri)

The Sync is a extremely minimal 3mm chamois designed for triathlon use. The Microline nylon surface is ultra smooth, wicks moisture away from the body, and allows for stretch in all directions for optimal protection and comfort on the bike. The thermoformed contours result in a seamless, anatomic shape.

STYLE / SIZE 186mm x 282mm
FOAM 1 Densities (40kg/m3)
SHAPE Basic / Seamless
RIDE TIME 3-4 Hours

Team Voler FS Pro Tri Shorts
Full Custom - Tri (standard)

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