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Introducing Voler’s All-New Velocity Ascent Jersey, where Aero meets Airy for the fastest athletes on the hottest summer days. The Velocity Ascent blends our expertise in tailoring high-performance aero kits, with the latest in high-tech fabrics. It’s a minimalist top, that doesn’t skimp on practicality. The front panel uses the new ultra light Ventura fabric for quick wicking and maximum airflow even at lower climbing speeds. The back and arms are stretchy Alito mesh that offers form fitting sun protection (SPF 35+) where you need it most.

Stash an extra bidon and snacks in the three rear pockets, to keep on rolling through all the swelter summer throws at you. Get ready to beat the heat, and the competition. Pull one on, on your way to the top.

  • Ventura Fabric - Our lightest weight, most breathable fabric manages heat and wicks sweat exceptionally. Used on the jersey’s front panels.
  • Alito Mesh - Our elastic, lightweight, ultra-breathable aero mesh fabric has aero fit that hugs every contour. Used on the jersey’s back, side and arm panels.
  • Lightweight Locking Zipper - Precision tailored to eliminate zipper bulge even in the most aggressive riding positions
  • Silicone Waist Gripper - A minimalist solution to keep that jersey from creeping up.
  • Race Tailored Extended Sleeve– Full bicep length, and elastic mesh offer a contoured fit for improved aerodynamics
  • Select UPF 35+ Protection – Alito Mesh provides sun protection where you need it most on the back and arms. Non-SPF fabric used on the front panel (no tanning).
  • Three Rear Pockets – Carry all the essentials for the hottest days.

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Fit & Sizing

Need some help finding your fit?
Read the Finding the Perfect Fit tech article.

Velocity Fit

Velocity fit is skin-tight, made with stretch fabrics, to be sleek, comfortable, and highly aerodynamic.

Men's Sizing

Weight Height Chest Waist
X Small 100-120 lbs 5'5' and under 33'-35' 26'-29'
Small 120-145 lbs 5'4' to 5' 8' 35'-37' 29'-31'
Medium 145-170 lbs 5'7' to 5'11' 38'-40' 32'-34'
Large 170-190 lbs 5'10' to 6'2' 40'-42' 34'-36'
X Large 190-220 lbs 6'1' to 6'5' 42'-44' 36'-40'
2X Large 220-250 lbs 6'3' and up 44'-46' 40'-44'
3X Large 250-260 lbs 6'3' and up 46'-48' 44'-48'

Technical Information

Alito Stretch Mesh

Alito Stretch Mesh is a finely knitted polyester elaster fabric milled in Italy. The lightweight construction, mixed with the micro yarns, help this fabric wick moisture quickly and increase its breathability.

  • Italian milled
  • 85% micro polyester yarn and 15% elastane mesh
  • Fast drying and breathable.
  • Sun protection UPF rating 35+
  • Weight 115 GSM
  • Durability (scale 1-5): 3.5
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Ultralight and with a unique knit structure and slighly transparent look. This 100% ultrafine polyester fabric is intended to be worn on the warmest of days, to prevent sweat build up and to keep you cool.

  • Milled in Italy
  • 100% polyester
  • Weight 80 GSM
  • Durability (scale 1-5): 1
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Equipe/Team Cycling Jersey

Designed with cycling performance and comfort in mind, this item features quick-drying durable fabric, an anatomical fit with extra length in the back for coverage in the riding position, a long zipper for ventilation, an elasticized waist (except for women's club cut) and sleeve cuffs for a secure fit, and three pockets in the back for storage.

100% USA milled fabrics and thread and Voler's superior quality make this a garment guaranteed to provide years of riding pleasure.

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Features three rear pockets across the lower back with elastic across the top edge and reinforced stitching to accommodate secure gear storage.

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Silicone Gripper

Our traditional silicone gripper has been updated from continuous strip to a raised repeating Voler logo. The new gripper is lower profile, requires less stitching thus reducing weight and pinching.

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Locking Zipper

Our lightest weight full length zipper choice, 30% lighter than our normal full length jersey zipper. The zipper's small/lighter coils and tape helps eliminate zipper bulge by easily conforming to your body. When the zipper's pull tab is in the down position, it locks the zipper mechanism, preventing your jersey from opening more than desired. Another added benefit is when the zipper tab is flipped open it's very easy to open your jersey with one hand.

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