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Nothing looks quite as pro or feels as practical as shoe covers. The perfect accessory for beating the clock in a time trial, feeling more aero on a group ride, or just keeping your toes protected from the elements on the way to the coffee shop. Cleat and heel cutouts improve fit and increase longevity. Features an 8” rear zip closure.

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Fit & Sizing

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Shoe Cover Sizing

Aero Shoe Cover & Thermal Bootie
Euro US Men's
Small 36 - 40 4.5 - 7.5
Medium 40 - 43 7.5 - 10
Large 43 - 46 10.5 - 13.5

Technical Information

Sola Fabric

Sola is a matte-finished opaque fabric constructed using micro-denier yarns for a durable, form fitting and extremely comfortable fit. Highly breathable and has a UV rating of 28+.

Weight nylon: 220 GSM; polyester: 275 GSM

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Shoe Cover

These items are made from form-fitting Lycra with elasticized openings for shoe cleats and a zipper up the back for a secure fit and ease of taking on and off.  Designed to improve the aerodynamics of the rider.

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