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Developed in the wind tunnel with pro rider feedback, the Velocity Speedsuit is our most aerodynamic skinsuit. The use of on-the-bike tailoring combined with Trionic sleeves and Triton + Pulse Fabrics for the body were used to create an extremely aero fitting skinsuit that will give the rider a watt-saving advantage over the competition. A great choice for time trialing or track racing. This speedsuit features overlock construction and Coolmax PowerGrip leg bands for ultimate comfort and performance.

  • Triton + Pulse Fabrics - lightweight, matte-finished opaque fabrics with a 28+ UPF rating
  • Trionic Fabric Sleeves - aerodynamic, skin-tight fabric made to reduce drag and enhance moisture wicking
  • 3/4 Length Hidden Zipper - approximately 18' in length, perfect for extra ventilation
  • Coolmax PowerGrip - silicone-free performance leg bands provide an ultra-comfortable grip without pinching
  • TT Omnium Pad - low profile, multi-density foam chamois developed specifically for time trial use

    Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose
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Aero / TightFitted / RaceAthletic / ClubComfortLoose

Technical Information


With a fantastic array of features, we're sure you will experience nothing but the ultimate in comfort and performance. Made from form fitting, Silicone free Elastane fabric with 2-way stretchability. Specially engineered fabric with carbon-like texture on the inside of the band guarantees an effective grip on your skin. With a balanced level of compression proportionate to muscle volume, PowerGrip bands help prevent shorts from riding up. The compression also helps improve blood circulation and body performance.

  • 49% Coolmax Polyester / 51% Elastane

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An advanced aerodynamic fabric made to fit skin-tight with 10% elastane to reduce wind resistance. A unique channeled knit further reduces drag while enhancing moisture wicking for improved temperature control during hard, sustained efforts.

  • 10% Elastane / 82% Polyester
  • Weight: 210 GSM
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TT Pad

The TT is a low profile, multi-density foam chamois purpose-built for time trial use. Three different densities of foam are concentrated in the perineal zone near the nose of the saddle where pressure is at its highest when in a low, aerodynamic time trial position. The small size and slim profile of the TT ensures comfort and protection without being overly bulky, allowing the rider to maintain an aero position with ease.

STYLE / SIZE 207mm x 275mm
THICKNESS 3mm – 12mm
FOAM 3 Densities (60kg/m3 –80kg/m3)
SHAPE Multi-Level / Seamless
FINISHED EDGE Yes (not shown)
EIT Carbonium Flash Bacteriostatic fabric
RIDE TIME 2-3 Hours
FEATURED IN Full Custom - Specialty
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3/4 Length Hidden Zipper

Our hidden zipper is approximately 18' in length and prevents an interruption of the artwork while still allowing for the option of extra ventilation.

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