Warranty, Repairs, and Returns

One of Voler’s best kept secrets is our ability, and willingness, to repair our garments. Our wholly owned factory in Grover Beach California, enables us to perform these repairs. Since the majority of our competitors source their garments from factories overseas, they simply cannot match this policy.

We stand behind the quality of our products and want you to enjoy your Voler garments for as long as possible. If your zipper breaks we’ll replace it (with a new zipper) even if the jersey is ten years old (repair fees may apply). For non custom garments we do offer free returns and exchanges within 90 days of purchase. The Voler Returns & Exchange Form can be downloaded here.

Customized garments are not eligible for returns or exchanges, so it's important you choose the proper fit prior to ordering.

Our standard warranty is to fix any defects within a year of purchase; if you notice anything wrong with your order please let us know right away, and we'll make it right. Once we receive your garment back, one of our customer service representatives will be in touch to provide you with an ETA on the repair or warranty. Typically we can repair or warranty your garment within 2 weeks of receiving it. Improper care, or extended wear including damage from velcro, emroidered saddles, or stucco are not covered under our warranty.

To get start warranty or repair request please fill out our contact form (and choose the Warranty and Repairs option) and we'll get the process started for you. Please be sure to include your original order number and a description of the problem.

Cycling Garment Lifespan

The typical lifespan of cycling garments varies. A Jersey may last more than five years, but a pair of well used bibs will last one or two seasons. The lifespan of a garment is greatly affected by how you care for them. Make sure to read our Garment Care Guide for details on how to properly care for cycling garments. We can replace zippers and mend pockets, but we cannot replace chamois or patch shorts, which limits the lifespan of cycling bottoms.

Below is a list of expected lifespans of common garments that we sell. Just like tires on a car or bike, there is a lifespan on wear items (like shorts or other bottoms):

Garment Type Estimated Lifespan*

Cycling Jerseys: Classic, Peloton, or Equipe

Jackets and Vests

5+ Years
Pro Jersey 3 Years
Velocity Jersey 1 Year
Shorts / Bibs
Leg and Knee Protectors
2 years or 4,000 miles

* Garment Lifespan is greatly dependent on use and care. Our standard one year warranty is for manufacturing defects, not for wear/lifespan replacement