8 Day, 800 Mile Bike Ride for Homeless Kids

By Richard La China | 10/31/12
8 Day, 800 Mile Bike Ride for Homeless Kids

In just over two weeks on November 16, 2012, Heidi Amundson and I will begin our massive enduro-philanthro ride. We will be riding 800 miles in 8 days—totally self-supported—with the purpose of raising awareness and $20,000 for the Monarch School in San Diego.

The Monarch School is the only K-12 school in San Diego that is dedicated to serving children impacted by homelessness. It does so by ensuring that each student will receive more than just a rigorous education--it also provides them with tools to be happy, healthy, and contributing members of society.

Our ride will cover three states and include tens of thousands of feet of climbing, all on 30+ pound touring bikes with about 20 pounds of gear each. 

In order to get in the mileage we need to complete the ride in the allotted time, we expect to be on the bike for about 10-12 hours each day.  Given that our ride will take place during Thanksgiving week, we are anticipating cold and wet conditions, with a chance of snow in some mountain areas.  Rides like these rides really become less of a ride and more of a test of survival as the days and miles go on.

One of the key survival tactics we have learned from doing other long tours is the importance of quality cycle clothing. That's why we are so grateful that Voler has generously agreed to help us by providing us with jerseys and shorts. Both Heidi and I have ridden with Voler gear on past tours and we love the way the chamois provides sustained comfort and the way the jersey and bib short material wicks away moisture and keeps us warm and dry. No saddle sores. No chaffing. No soggy wet spandex or jerseys.  Just top-quality material that allows us to achieve our objective - finish our ride.

The idea of this ride was initially birthed as a unique way to raise funds to help ensure that our youth receive a proper education, but we've since realized that this project goes far beyond that of fundraising; we have the opportunity to set an example for kids, showing them that by dreaming big, setting goals and working hard -- ANYTHING is possible. 

Special thanks to Voler to helping make this adventure possible.

For more information about Richard's and Heidi's monumental ride or to donate to the cause, visit their website at: www.monarch800.com

Richard La China is a USAC Certified Cycling Coach and a member of the PowerBar Team Elite and Team Sho-Air / Rock 'n Road.

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