New Partner: All Hail the Black Market

By Voler | 08/20/12
New Partner: All Hail the Black Market

We believe that every bike-loving organization should be able to create and market a Voler jersey to support their cause. Recently we launched a great new jersey design on our Store in conjunction with one of our newest partners, All Hail the Black Market.

Are you looking for something totally different and off the beaten path? Then this is it - check this unique blog out:
Their manefesto says it all:
 "All Hail The Black Market is a collection of stimulating flotsam, hand picked and curated with loving care in the singular hope to put the ‘cult’ back in bicycle culture. For too many years the bicycle industry has marketed to itself, a gigantic dog wearing blinders chasing its own tail. A place where artists, musicians, skateboarders, cyclists, photographers, thinkers, dreamers, pranksters, schemers, and general purveyors of mayhem can all come together in this- a bazaar for the bottom dwelling creme of the crop. An alternative market place and hub of information exchange…   Welcome to a new world order."

If this sums up your core belief system, then you will be glad you discovered this blog, and you can match your good looks with your good taste by riding in the new All Hail the Black Market Jersey.  

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