Calling All Masters Cyclists!

By Marilyn Trout | 09/07/11
Calling All Masters Cyclists!

We’ve teamed up with Marilyn Trout, certified USA Cycling Elite Coach to answer Voler Newsletter List members’ training questions. You can view her coach profile at Send your cycling inquiries to Marilyn, and for a limited time, if yours is selected to be answered in our Training column, Voler will send you a $20 gift certificate that can be used towards any purchase from the Voler Store at To submit your inquiry, e-mail her at, and type “Voler Training Question” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Calling All Masters Cyclists!

Our USA Cycling "coaches in residence" Marilyn Trout and Peg Labiuk would like your assistance to compile much needed information about Masters cyclists. They'd love to hear from you regarding your experience with aging and exercise, dealing with health issues, and retiring from elite sport if you're a former racer.

You may send them information on any or all of the following three topics listed in the survey below. For each area answered, you will be entered in a drawing for $100 worth of Voler Store retail clothing from! The drawing will be held on October 1st, 2011. Please send your answers to or

Mountain Pedals Masters Survey

Please provide the following:


Email address

What you are best known for in cycling (ex. US National Team 1982-1985, 3x National Sprint Champion)

Answer the questions in at least one of the topics below

Please send along your answers to or

  1. Retiring from Elite Racing
    • What made you decide to retire and when?
    • Do you compete now and how does that compare to your elite racing?
    • What wisdom would you like to share with Masters racers that are newer to cycling?
  2. Aging and Cycling
    • What changes have you noticed in your ability to train and/or race over the years?
    • Are there any particular ages you noticed significant changes?
    • How have you adapted your training and your equipment?
    • What wisdom would you like to share with others Masters racers about aging and continuing cycling?
  3. Coping with Health Problems
    • What illnesses, diseases, or injuries have you encountered?
    • How does your cycling background help you to cope with the problem?
    • How have you adapted your cycling to accommodate changes?
    • What wisdom would you like to share with fellow cyclists who may face similar challenges?

Thank-you for participating!

Peg Maass Labiuk & Marilyn Trout

Disclaimer: Currently, Peg and Marilyn reply to athletes' questions on the Voler Training Corner. Your information may better assist us in answering some queries about Masters cyclists. We may expand our repertoire in the future.

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