Crash Replacement

By Aaron | 11/15/13
Crash Replacement

photo above copyright Simon Devlin

So, you bought your new skinsuit for that first crit of the year and you're stoked! Then you're in the race and bam! You crash! In the first lap! Not only a bummer to not finish but now your new kit is torn to pieces too! Well, we can't help repair your body after a crash BUT we can help you get a new skinsuit with our Crash Replacement Program!

Crash Replacement for Full Custom Garments

If you crash and destroy your skinsuit or any other article of Voler custom clothing, we can produce a replacement in just 3 weeks for the 15 piece price! Your garment must be sent back to Voler first. Once received we will produce the exact replacement for you. This service is only available for garments originally purchased and replaced within the same and current season (Oct. - Sept.) Features and options (fabric, trims, sizes, pads, etc.) can not be changed.  Prices are based on the current season Team Price List. No discounts or sponsorships applicable. 

Crash Replacement For Store Garments

If you destroy your garment in a crash we'll replace it (within the year you bought it) with an equivalent item at the wholesale price.

Don't Forget

In addition to our crash replacement policy we stand behind the quality of all our garments with our repair and warranty policy. So go out and race hard, we've got your back!

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