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By Aaron | 10/15/12

We recently sent out an email to a select group of customers soliciting feedback for what we can do better at the store.  Over 350 people filled out the survey and the top two requests were:

  1. More appealing designs
  2. Lower prices

Nothing is better than having your customer tell you what you need to do to improve.   So, armed with this information, here is what we are doing.

More Appealing Designs

We’ve been working with our art department since May of 2012 on our 2013 designs and we will be starting work soon on concepts for our 2014 designs.  This enables us to have fresh designs ready to show you, so we don’t get stuck with an unappealing line.  The inspiration for our 2013 line was back to basics.  You’ll see smaller logos, basic patterns, and clean lines.

If you can’t wait for our new lines to be released, take a look at our new Montare & Vigore lines on our Facebook page (release date end of October).  *** Update the new designs are now orderable.

We strive to provide something for as wide of a variety of cyclists as possible.  If you have a concept for a jersey please take a look at our You’re the Artist program.  The program offers a way to submit your own design, develop community support, and potentially be part of our product catalog.  If seeing other cyclists wear your design is not enough you’ll earn a royalty for each jersey sold.

Lower Prices

We want Voler to be your first choice when shopping for cycling apparel and to achieve that we need to offer every day good values.  Effective immediately we’ve gone ahead and rolled back prices on almost all of our products.  The most drastic reduction is on our top-rated Forza FS Pro shorts and bibs which are now selling for $109 and $119 (previously $124.99 and $134.99).

Did you know?

We want you to love your Voler cycling apparel, that’s why we have a free and easy exchange and return policy.  We stand behind the quality of our product and want you to ride in your Voler apparel for as long as possible which is why we also provide free repair service for the life of the garment.

Thank you so much for supporting Voler and USA made cycling apparel.

Aaron Barker
eCommerce Director - Voler

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