Good Vehicle to Transport Bikes

By Voler Staff | 12/27/10

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Good Vehicle to Transport Bikes

Hi Coach, 

Good friends are looking for vehicle to transport their bikes in. They have 2 expensive bikes and they would rather put them inside a vehicle than outside.  They also don't want to take both wheels to make the bike fit.  Right now they have a PT Cruiser.  Do you have any suggestions of a vehicle that would work? Also looking for something with good gas mileage. No trucks please. If you don't have any ideas, please give me a suggestion of where to check for this information. 



Your friends have posed a most interesting question. I have transported my bikes in most every kind of vehicle and, most definitely, some have been better than others. The inconvenient ones have been used out of necessity in times of need. These days the car's back hatch makes life easier so very rarely do both wheels have to come off. Leaving the back wheel on and turning the handlebars, the bike can be placed behind the back seat with the second bike the opposite way and still get wheels and bags in after them. With the bars turned and a towel or sponge covers on the tubes, any scratching will be avoided.  If they prefer to have the bikes go in "head first", they can get some old bike mounts for the forks, attach them to a small board, place that where one seat folds down and mount the bike onto that.   

As far as the car goes, I think that depends on personal preference as to the size that they are comfortable with. Certainly a truck is not needed. A car as small as a Subaru Outback could work. I'm familiar with size dimensions of the Subaru Legacy and Ford Escape. Both work just fine, so if you are looking for good gas mileage, I think if you move in the direction of a hybrid, the bikes, cyclists and your wallet would be happy.  


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