Inside Voler - The Voler Store

By Aaron | 07/31/15
Inside Voler - The Voler Store

Grover Beach, California, just south of the famed Pismo Beach, is home to Voler's two facilities; our factory and headquarters at 21 Saratoga Ave and the Voler Store office, warehouse, and outlet at 390 Manhattan. The locations are less than a mile apart and conveniently located a stones-throw from the Pacific Coast Highway.

The Voler Store was started in 1999 during the height of the .com craze to sell Voler branded garments to the general public through the internet. The Voler Store quickly grew and is now in it’s 17th year of business. Below are some pictures that give you an idea of what it's like at the Voler Store.

We hosted the local Bike to Work event for Grover Beach back in May. This is what our parking lot looks like when we get the tents and flags up. Our local bike shop, Trinity Cyclery, brought their tools and offered free bike tune-ups!

Our primary business at the store is selling directly to consumers online, but we also have a small outlet store where we welcome you to shop our art samples and seconds at amazing prices.

Pretty cool! A CX National Champ skinsuit from Logan Owen hanging up in the outlet store!

Seth, our warehouse lead, decorated the entire warehouse with inspiring posters and favorite jerseys hanging wherever there is a blank space.

Up the stairs to the offices. Note the retro jerseys on one side and the art samples hanging over the other side; excuse the mess, but we are getting things done around here.

We had a bunch of 4' x 8' images printed out on some old fabric and they look amazing; this is one of my favorites featuring the top of Prefumo Canyon in San Luis Obispo.

Patrick is quite a character and our most avid cyclists. His wall art always puts a smile on my face.

Derek, our customer service rep and warehouse helper, also provides some inspiration on his screen.

Ralph, a veteran of the Voler art dept. and creator of thousands of jerseys, at work at his custom configured stand-up desk.

Art inspiration board, J/K.

Ralph gave a presentation to his son's elementary school class about his job and challenged the kids to come up with their own jersey designs -this is what he got back.

Tim, our programmer, works here. You probably could have guessed from the Star Wars collectibles what his job description is yourself.

Elaine, getting work done, designing our new Fun and Funky collection. She is also our Semi Custom specialist.

Post-it notes FTW!

The signs of a cycling commuter.

My office. I try to stay hydrated.

My personal favorite image captured by Mike Albright at a sub zero cyclocross race in Bend Oregon a few years ago. We call it 'Snotcycle'.

You gotta have a whiteboard if you want to be taken seriously - and not to forget those great ideas you spent two hours brainstorming.

Our photo-shoot room in the unfinished space next to our offices. We capture all of our studio shots here with afforable equipment and lots of ingenuity.

Thanks to Bell Helmets provider of our photo shoot helmets for all types of riding and head sizes.

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