Made in the USA - The Voler Way

By Aaron | 03/27/12
Made in the USA - The Voler Way

For over 25 years, Voler has manufactured cycling apparel in California. Retaining end to end control of production enables us to provide excellent customer service. Here's what sets us apart from our competitors:

Made in Grover Beach, California

Instead of sourcing the labor intensive aspects of our business to a foreign country, we have committed to keep these jobs in the U.S. We engineer, design, print, sew, and ship our products on-site*. This allows us to have absolute control over how we make and sell our products.

Raising the Bar on Sustainability

Five years ago we invested in the installation of solar panels. We also recycle over two hundred tons of paper a year. It's not that we have to do this, but as our founder Jacques would say, 'It's the right thing to do.' We apply this philosophy to all of our decisions.

Dedicated Employees

Employees are Voler’s greatest asset. We celebrate when employees reach ten and twenty years of service by recognizing them at our monthly company lunch. This includes telling their story in front of all their co-workers and giving them a nice gift. Over half of our work-force have been with us for over ten years; we must be doing something right!

Grover Beach is halfway between San Francisco & Los Angeles. If you are driving the US 101 and want to stop by, contact us and we'll set up a tour.

Thank you for supporting Voler's way of doing business.
* 99% of our products we make ourselves, exceptions are noted clearly on the product pages.

Update 4/12/2012 Check-out our Made In The USA video

Update 7/13/15 - Made Here Video

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