Masters Cyclists Survey & The Art of Cycling

Masters Cyclists Survey & The Art of Cycling

Neeta Lind, “ Larry Nolan, Kent Bostick and Vic Copeland of the Discovery Masters Team ” August 10, 2006 via Flickr, Creative Commons Attribution.

We’ve teamed up with Marilyn Trout, certified USA Cycling Elite Coach to answer Voler Newsletter List members’ training questions. You can view her coach profile at Send your cycling inquiries to Marilyn, and for a limited time, if yours is selected to be answered in our Training column, Voler will send you a $20 gift certificate that can be used towards any purchase from the Voler Store at To submit your inquiry, e-mail her at, and type “Voler Training Question” in the subject line of the e-mail.

Masters Cyclists Survey Drawing

Last month our USA Cycling "coaches in residence" Marilyn Trout and Peg Labiuk asked for your assistance to compile much needed information about Masters cyclists and got some great responses. Anyone that sent their master's survey was entered in an Oct. 1st drawing for $100 worth of Voler Store retail clothing. We're pleased to announce that Gordon Singleton was the winner – congratulations Gordon!

The Art of Cycling

As I was riding the other day, a seed of thought emerged. I imagine it came from ongoing conversations my coaching colleague, Peg, and I have about the chasm that exists in cycling literature regarding Masters Cycling.

The key to good coaching, actually, the key to life, goes beyond knowledge. It's about wisdom and experience. That is, knowing what to do with the knowledge we have acquired and, perhaps, tested. Indeed, the proliferation of knowledge is at its height and is so available. Success may come to riders who APPLY the knowledge in a practical and personal way, however, success over the long haul can't be sustained without wisdom. So many athletes have the knowledge readily available at their fingertips. Training schedules and formulas, performance nutrition and sure-fire winning strategies are just a click away on coaching chat rooms, blogs and books. The information may be spot-on but adding "life" to the mix is the difficult part to maneuver through.

It's the ART of cycling rather than the SCIENCE of cycling. The former includes the latter but not necessarily the other way round. Two weeks before my son was born, I learned the difference between Art and Science. After a routine check-up my doctor told me he was going to practice the "art of obstetrics rather than the science of obstetrics." It was about using wisdom gathered over the years rather than simply considering facts. I am grateful for his decision.

Being a part of the Masters cycling community, Peg and I are passionate to learn about the experiences and wisdom of other athletes so we can better serve others in our professional capacities. In the coming months, we will invite the Voler readership into our world of discovery through our musings.

Thank you to those who participated in the Masters Survey. We know there are more of you out there who have nuggets of wisdom to share and we welcome your contributions.


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