Full Custom - Programs

By Aaron | 07/26/12
Full Custom - Programs

Voler prides itself on offering the best customer service.  We take great pride in providing the most flexible and easy to use ordering systems in the industry. Here are some of the highlights.


Our full custom product line is broken up into 6 different catagories. Our minimum per catagory is only 15 units which can be combined with any products in that catagory to meet minimums or to make the next price break. New for 2014, we have made short sleeve and long sleeve items into a single "Tops" catagory.

Re-orders using the exact artwork as the orginal order only have a 5 pc minimum per catagory and the orginal price from the main order will be matched.

Online Ordering

We pioneered online ordering for team kits and as always we do not charge extra for this service.  Last year we added the ability to ship directly to team-mates using UPS or United States Postal Service priority mail as an option to reduce shipping costs for smaller orders.

Four Week Turnaround on Direct Re-orders

We've substantially reduced our turnarounds for re-orders from seven to four weeks on orders that use the same product categories as the original order. Orders with new categories will be processed with a seven week ship window. Re-orders must use the original artwork and can not be altered or have additions to the design.

Example: If on the original order you only ordered items from the short sleeve and bottoms category, and on your re-order you want to run Tri clothing, then you will fall into the seven week ship window. If you only want to order short sleeves and bottoms on your re-order then it will be at the 4 week ship window.

Crash Replacement Program

If you or a teammate crash and destroy a skinsuit, jersey or any article of Voler custom clothing, we can replace it in just 3 weeks. All garments must be sent back to Voler and then we will produce the exact piece. This is only on items that are from the current year “Oct-Sept”. Items cannot be changed such as fabric, trims and sizes. Pricing is based off of the 15pc Voler price and previous discounts and sponsorships do not apply. 

Read about our other full-custom changes for 2014.

Plan ahead and reserve your space: Fill out the full custom questionnaire or call us at 800-488-6537.

Happy Cycling!


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