Show Your Voler - Round 7

By Nate | 11/30/12
Show Your Voler - Round 7

This last round's winner is Mindy S. flashing a smile at the camera during her first multi-day ride. Here's what she said about it, "300 miles over 4 days through mountains and valleys in Eastern Washington. Thanks Voler for making cycling gear that's comfortable mile after mile."

She's the lucky recipient of a $25 Gift Certificate for the Voler Store!

We got a few other great photos, but we're closing up the contest for 2012. However, we don't want you to stop sharing those photos, and we may still give away from fun stuff for people who submit photos to our Facebook page. We love seeing you out there rocking your Voler Clothing, showing everyone who makes the best gear! Keep them coming and tell your friends!

Share your photos and see everyone else's at our facebook page at

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