State Flag Jerseys

By Aaron | 07/09/12
State Flag Jerseys

We have a talented group of designers here at Voler.  Typically our designers spend most of their time working on full-custom team kits, but for the last month they have been working on a couple of special projects for the Voler Store.  One of these special projects is to create jersey designs for all 50 states.  Our designers did an awesome job and have created design concepts for all fifty states plus Washington DC.  For extra bonus points we created multiple designs for certain states (there are four for California).  We've put all of the design concepts on our Facebook page here:  

Please comment on the designs you like best, we are taking your feedback into account as we finalize these designs.  Our plan is to launch half of these designs as jerseys before the end of the month.  What state jersey are looking forward to most?

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