The Pain of Cramping

By Peg Labiuk | 08/09/11

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The Pain of Cramping


Yesterday morning a friend and I headed over to our church camp to do some lawn work. For 3 hours I cut grass and he weed-eated. I was up and down sides of hills, leaning over with the mower, etc. It was not a self-propelled mower so all the work was mine. After a light lunch we rode 30 miles, up and down hills. I drank a 24oz bottle of water and 2 24oz Powerades while riding. I didn't eat right afterwards though and did not have a chance to massage.

Last night, after watching the Tour I was suddenly gripped by an intense muscle cramp in my left inner thigh. It was the longest most intense cramp I had ever experienced. Today it sore to the touch and it pains me to move or even try to lift my leg. What happened? It is also swollen where that muscle is. Was it not enough hydration? Is there some other explanation? Next question: what do I need to do to recover from it? IT turned black and blue, yellow and purple. The only other time I ever had anything like that is when I pulled a hamstring, and later a groin muscle playing softball. I had no trouble cycling that day and felt fine until that night when a giant cramp that lasted close to 5 minutes hit me.

Thanks for your time.
Bill Grandi

Hi Bill,

That sounds like a doozy of a cramp. I think it must have been strong enough to cause that bruising. I cramped a few weeks ago on a long, windy ride in that same muscle. It's painful and scary. I was fortunate in that it went away with stretching, consuming more Cytomax and Powerade, and taking Essential Electrolytes capsules by Nutribiotics. You were trying to hydrate, but had 3 hours of lawn mowing prior to riding that I suspect went without or with minimal fluid consumption. Not to mention the unusual activity of a cyclist pushing a lawn mower. So, another example of the lag time in taking in fluid and electrolytes and the delivery to the working muscles. Now you'll have to be extra vigilant about electrolytes and fluids (see prior Voler Answer about cramping for Bill Howard: Treat that bruise as a serious injury - icing, using Arnica cream, and laying off until pain diminishes. I'd also suggest a self-propelled lawn mower. I prefer the Honda HRC 215. If anyone knows of one in good condition, I'm in the market.

Coach Peg

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