Tuesday NorCal Ride Oct 1 2013

By John Elgart | 10/04/13
Tuesday NorCal Ride Oct 1 2013
This was a day of classic Tuesday climbs: Ponderosa down and up (dirt), Yankee Jims down (dirt), Shirttail up (dirt) and Iowa Hill down and up. 
The numbers: 9,944 Strava feet (and since most were on dirt, we will take that figure); 64.5 miles;  7 riders, including Jim HS, Emily, newbie Andy F, Retro Rick, Jan & Steffan; 5.5 hours of riding time; 6 flat tires!, 4 from goat heads found at the end of the ride; 6 cross bikes and 1 road bike; 
2 toasted cheese sandwiches and a salad at the Iowa Hill Store; 1 road barricaded by a tree fall; 1 friendly pickup truck that gave Andy a lift from the bottom of Iowa Hill -- no, Andy wasn't on Strava at the time; 1 odd raven mimicking an emergency siren; thousands of buzzy-bugs on the Shirttail climb.
Map note: Shirttail is 6.0 miles and 1500 feet. Since the first mile is downhill, make that 5 miles of climbing at an average 6%. It seems longer than that. BTW, Shirttail was "improved" with a coating of ground asphalt two years ago. That is still there, but is now easier to ride over.
Note on the Voler Tuesday Ride -- This is an adventure ride based in and around Sacramento where we put Voler kits to the test. This time us year we are on cross bikes. If you are interested in being on the notification list for this ride, just send an email to John Elgart, Elgart@mac.com.  John and Linda Elgart are the Voler Reps for Northern California and Nevada. We are available to come to your club or shop meeting to help with your order and with sizing. We can be reached by email at Elgart@mac.com or phone at 916 595 2551/ 916 595 2553.
Photos : 
Emily in her new Voler cyclocross kit on Ponderosa. She designed it. We are selling this jersey on the Voler Store with proceeds going to Emily. It will soon be up here: http://www.voler.com/browse/collections/?t=Partner
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