Voler Turns 25: Help Us Celebrate

By Voler Staff | 02/02/11

Voler was founded 25 years ago in 1986 by the Deyo family. Jacques Deyo, the creator, was an extreme windsurfer and avid cyclist. His love of the sport and the outdoors, along with a genuine desire to create quality products that people would use in the pursuit of their own passions led him and the company into the custom cycling clothing market.

At the beginning, we studied the competition and asked customers what was missing from their past experiences with our competitors. Across the board, the response was "good customer service." Immediately, we established our defining goal: "To Provide Excellent Customer Service". For over two decades, Voler has earned its reputation as the best cycling apparel company in the industry, by focusing on our Customers, and by consistently creating innovative clothing. Our goal is to lead our industry with unsurpassed personal service, maintain our commitment to actual "on-time delivery," and only work with superior materials. With very few exceptions, our garments are completely handcrafted with great pride in Grover Beach, California.
To celebrate our 25th Anniversary, we've crafted the '86 line - a retro-styled, yet highly technical collection of clothing that offers both comfort and performance. You can enjoy the luxuriously soft Australian Merino wool jerseys custom-made for us by Earth, Wind & Rider, or enjoy the amazing thermal properties of this same natural technical fiber with the '86 arm skins from DeFeet. Pair these versatile warmers with our Voler-made Commencer or Initiator S/S Jerseys, and you'll be comfortable no matter what the day's weather brings.
Save 25% on the Entire 86 Line from Voler.
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