Voler Jerseys - USA Made

By Aaron | 10/29/12
Voler Jerseys - USA Made

At Voler we are very conscious of what it takes to make a cycling jersey. From the sewing labor to the sublimation machines, we track everything that goes into making one of our garments.  We strive to create the highest quality apparel possible, and in doing so, we only work with the best suppliers to provide us with our raw materials.  Our jerseys are all made in our own Grover Beach, California factory and are composed almost entirely of USA-produced raw materials.

Our jerseys are made up of the following:

Fabric (AMP, SQ Pro, or Genesis)

We source our fabric from a mill in North Carolina.  This mill has stayed in business  by supplying the U.S. military and specialty apparel companies like Voler with high-quality, technical fabrics.

Zipper (full, or ¾)

We only use YKK zippers; they are the best, period.  Though YKK is a Japanese company they have factories all over the world.  All of our full length zippers come from YKK’s U.S. factory and the ¾ length zippers come from their Canadian factory (we’ll share the love with Canada).

Thread, yarn, and elastic

Our thread, yarn, and elastic also come from U.S. mills.  Most people don’t get excited about these three apparel components, but these are key to producing a high-quality jersey.
We are proud to be USA-made and work with the best suppliers in the business.  We love it when we can source from a high-quality domestic supplier.

It’s better for the environment, our economy, and peace of mind.  I like knowing where and how my garments are being produced.  Please share this with a friend if you value this too.

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