Why the Voler Store Carries DeFeet Socks

Why the Voler Store Carries DeFeet Socks

Peddling Socks: DeFeet founder Shane Cooper engineered cycling socks in a fashion the world had never seen.


For 25 years, we at Voler have been manufacturing cycling apparel exclusively in California. We are very proud of our business model and our commitment to protect our environment. DeFeet is one of our fellow U.S. manufacturers who prides themselves on American-made quality, and we're proud to offer both their stock products as well as Voler custom socks in our retail store

This fascinating article in Global Trade magazine describing the storied history of DeFeet mirrors Voler's own growth from a small start-up to an industry staple:


Cycling Sock Maker Survives Fire, Flood and IRS Audit to Win Top Exporting Honors 
by Patrick Dooley, Global Trade magazine

“That is etched in my mind,” Shane Cooper says of his company’s first sale back in 1992. The musician-turned-cyclist-turned-owner of DeFeet International, maker of competitive cycling socks, had contacted Cannondale looking to sell the bicycle brand customized socks emblazoned with its famous logo. His ambitions were fairly modest: Make enough cash “peddling” socks to fund his amateur racing career.

Today, Cooper says, the cycling apparel industry is like NASCAR, with companies eager to stamp their logo on whatever they can coax onto a racer. That wasn’t the case when he called Cannondale, unaware he was about to tap into a wide-open market—so long as he didn’t alienate his early customers.

For the full story see:  globaltrademag.com/victory-of-defeet

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