Athlete Profiles

Athletes we support as professionals, ambassadors, sales reps, etc.
We pick new ambassadors in February - check back in January for more information to become an ambassador.

Andrew Juiliano

Pro Athlete

Andrew Juiliano has been many professional things: magazine editor, writer, dishwasher, EMT, woodworker and oyster shucker. Throughout it all, he’s also been a bike racer.

Payson McElveen

Pro Athlete

Payson began his racing career in the Fall of 2007 and developed his passion for the sport in the Texas State Championship Series.

Rebecca Gross

Pro Athlete

Rebecca was the first American to win a cyclocross world championship on home soil in the 2012 Cyclocross Masters World Championships in Louisville, Kentucky. She is also a two time collegiate mountain bike short track national champion.

Stephen Ettinger

Pro Athlete

While growing up in Eastern, Washington, Stephen had unfettered access to the North Cascade mountains, and it was here that his love for the bike began.

Jeff Herring

Sales Rep

Jeff, an avid rider and competitor, works around Southern California as representative for Voler. Carrying a full fit kit he can offer team fittings and presentations.

Nate Erickson

Featured Athlete

Father, Husband, Teacher, Masters Road Racer
Dedicated Voler Customer since 1991

Russell Stevenson

Sales Rep

In addition to being an accomplished cyclist Russ is the Voler sales rep for the Pacific Northwest.  If you are looking for Voler cycling apparel for your team, event, or shop give him a holler.

Russell Clark


Russell has been a road cyclist since the late-1980s, and he won his first Cat 4 bike race in Arizona, in the early 90's.

Nancy Pena & Joseph Marin


Nancy and Joseph live in Miami, and work in finance and marketing.

Keith Hatton


Keith is an Industrial Designer residing in the city of Philadelphia.

Katheryn Curi


Katheryn was born in rural Connecticut and grew up playing all sorts of different team sports (crew, basketball, field hockey, lacrosse and softball).

John and Linda Elgart

Sales Rep

Competing in road, track & cyclocross, they are well known in the Northern California cycling scene. As racers they have over 40 National Championships between them.

Christopher Mumma


Christopher’s love of cycling started in his youth, on old steel bikes.