Important COVID-19 Update: Learn More
COVID-19 Update Protecting Our People We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe. As the coronavirus continues to spread, we are actively monitoring suggestions and requirements by our local and national government and assessing the safety of our people and community. And, in accordance with our county government, beginning March 19, we are temporarily suspending production at our California factory until April 3rd, or until the county deems it safe for us to resume production.

What This Means For Your Order
  • In stock orders will ship in a timely manner, with the proper health precautions to keep you and us safe.
  • Custom orders will be delayed for the same time as our temporary closure, which is two weeks or more.
  • We’ve sent out communication to order coordinators with specific details about your order and how it’s affected.

  • Thank you for your patience and understanding as we prioritize the health of our staff and customers during this time.
    As allowed, a reduced number of staff will be working from home to support the business and our customers. Please reach out to if you have specific questions, we’ll actively respond to any questions via email during our temporary closure.

    In good health,
    Your friends at Voler