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Designing with the Zipper in Mind

Semi Custom jerseys offer different zipper styles based on the type of garment you are ordering. Please review the following information to familiarize yourself with our options.

Pros: Graphics blend together with minimal architectural interruption.
Cons: Small graphics can sometimes be pulled into the zipper split and disappear.
Spec: Our 3/4 Hidden Zipper is offered on Club cut Semi Custom jerseys. These jerseys are designed to be a little roomier than Race cut options. We recommend the Club cut to individuals who are casual cyclists, or more full figured. AMP fabric is opaque with a tight weave.

Pros: Smaller risk of losing design elements in the zipper split.
Cons: Zipper split can pucker, creating a gap in your custom graphics.
Spec: Our Full Hidden Zipper is offered on Race cut Semi Custom jerseys. These jerseys are designed to fit close to the body. We recommend the Race cut to individuals who go for long distances and have a smaller physique. Genesis fabric has a slight transparency due to its high level of breathability. If you would like to prevent transparency, please refer to our undershirt page.

Pros: No fabric covering zipper, less puckering to impact graphic.
Cons: Zipper will divide graphics completely. A space is added, elongating the design.
Spec: Our Full Exposed Zipper is offered on Race cut thermal Semi Custom jerseys. These jerseys are designed to fit close to the body for optimal heat management. We recommend the Race cut to individuals who go for long distances and have a smaller physique. GeoTherm fabric is a lightweight thermal fabric that is warmer than it looks. This jersey will not fit well over another short sleeve jersey, nor will it fold down small enough to stuff in a jersey pocket.

Designing Outside of the Design Studio

If you are concerned about the physical dimensions of elements in your design, we strongly recommend building your artwork outside our Design Studio, in a program such as Photoshop or Illustrator. Be sure to build within a canvas area of 10in x 16in (1460px by 2327px). To achieve the proper design dimensions for your artwork, the image resolution must be 150dpi or greater. When you have completed your design, save the file as a high resolution JPEG and upload the file to the Design Studio. Using this process ensures that your artwork is the right size. It will also help minimize artwork distortions that sometimes occur when attempting to resize your images within the Design Studio.

Supported File Formats

The Design Studio accepts the following file formats: .JPG, .PNG, .BMP

Design & Print Specifications

  • The full size design area for our jersey is 10in x 16in (1460px by 2327px) on the front and back panels. Graphics may not be placed anywhere else on the garment.
  • Customers must obtain permission from the owner of any images used (i.e. corporate logos, original artwork, and copyrighted artwork). Voler may request proof of permission before processing your order.
  • Images may only be scaled to 100%. If your image looks too small on the design template, please locate and upload a larger version of the image.
  • Files must be an exact representation of what will be printed on the garment. This means all elements are of correct size, placement, proportion & color.
  • We encourage customers to avoid placing elements with fine detail or small text on the zipper split. All garments are hand-made, so the relationship between printed elements and the zipper split may vary from jersey to jersey. If you must place an element across the zipper split, please ensure the details crossing the split are not smaller than a quarter of an inch in size. For best results we recommend them being at least a half inch or larger.
  • Do not use low resolution web graphics. These low-resolution files are not suitable for printing. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to use images 150kb or larger.
  • If you are designing a jersey for someone else, they must place the final order using their own Voler account.
  • Voler uses a CMYK printing process. Please contact the Semi Custom representative of you need to use any Pantone colors.
  • Images are transferred to garments using a process called 'sublimation'. This gas-dye process does not texture the garment's surface and allows the fabric to maintain its breathability.
  • Voler reserves the right to refuse any order based on objectionable artwork.

Semi Custom Ordering & Sharing

Placing Your Order

Follow the steps outlined below to begin your Semi Custom order, still have questions? Email our semi custom department at

ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Sorry, no returns on Semi-Custom products due to the specialized nature of the product.

  1. Create your design using our online Design Studio.
  2. Select your jersey template from the “Product Selection” tab on the left. For a more detailed description of each jersey, incliding the sizing chart, please visit the Semi Custom poduct catalog.
  3. Create your design by uploading images from your computer or the Voler stock photo library. You can add your own text by using the design tools as well.
  4. Fine-tune your design by using the Rotate, Alignment, and Nudge buttons. If your layout does not look perfect on screen, please make special notes on your order at checkout. Our Semi Custom representative will make small changes to make sure images and text are aligned properly.
  5. To save your design, select 'Next Step', enter a name for your design, and save.
  6. Click 'Order Now' to go to the preview and ordering page.
  7. Select the garment that you would like to order by clicking on the product image. A pop-up window will appear.
  8. Select the size and color and add to your shopping cart.
  9. When you are ready to checkout click 'View Your Bag' or click the cart icon in the upper right hand corner.
  10. Now you may proceed through the checkout process.

What Happens Next?

Upon submission, your order is immediately placed in our Semi Custom production queue. Within a full business day, we will review your artwork to determine if there are any issues that require your attention. During our review process, we will make sure that your artwork meets our quality and production standards.

  • If your artwork needs small adjustments, our representative will make those improvements (i.e. correcting the placement of an item that is not completely centered).
  • For larger issues, we will notify you by email regarding your artwork. We will then work with you to dial-in your design before a digital proof is sent.
  • After artwork issues are resolved, you will receive a digital proof. These proofs are the exact full-sized production files that we will use to produce your final garments.
  • Digitally signing your proof releases your order into our production workflow. At this time, you may not make further art changes.

Your order is guaranteed to ship from our factory within ten business days of receiving your signed approval and payment authorization. If we encounter any problems processing your credit card, your order will be delayed. Your ship date is not guaranteed until we are able to successfully authorize your credit card.

Sharing Your Design

  1. Log onto your
  2. Click 'Your Account' in the upper right hand corner of any page on our website.
  3. In the left hand column select 'Saved Designs' under the Semi Custom navigation header.
    • Only designs that have been ordered can be shared. Unordered saved designs are not elligible to be shared.
  4. Click 'Actions' and select 'Share' from the drop down menu.
    • To share your design, please make sure that 'Yes' is selected underneath the 'Artwork Access' header.
    • If it is important that recipients order the design on a specific garment, be sure that you select the correct garment on the preview page before sharing the design.
    • Users MUST follow the link from the email they recieve to view the artwork on the appropriate garment.
    • Multiple orders placed for the same design through the share process do not ship together. Additionally, they do not count toward each other's quantity discount.
  5. In the right column of the Design Preview page, locate 'Share Your Design'.
  6. Copy the link and send it from your personal email account (i.e. Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo).

Additional Information

For questions regarding billing, discounts, shipping, sizing, etc, please visit our Help Center. As always, if you have any questions, please give us a call or email us. We are happy to help!

Customer Service: 800-644-4002

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