Custom Express Help


Color Picker

Once you select your jersey template, you will be prompted to modify the colors. The color picker has a variety of common Pantone colors to choose from, just swap out colors until you find the right combination for your design.

Custom Colors

  • If you require a color that you do not see in the available color picker, we can help. Design your jersey the best you can, and leave a note during checkout. An example note would be 'Please make the background color match the green in my logo'.
  • If you do not select a color from the color picker, we cannot guarantee the final printed color. However, we can guarantee that the overall jersey will match from the uploaded image to the pre-built jersey design.

Voler Logo Restrictions

All jerseys have either a chest or collar logo in addition to a pocket logo. With some color combinations, the Voler logos may disappear on the 3D design. Please note that the logo color will be changed during the proofing phase so that both logos display with enough contrast to be seen.

Fluorescent Color Options

Fluorescent inks cannot be blended with any other colors. If you have selected a design with a gradient option, like Linear, please do not select a Fluorescent color as a part of the gradient. Any orders with that combination will have to be modified during the proofing phase.

Additionally, not all images can be placed on a fluorescent background. If your design needs to be modified, one of our art representatives will contact you.


Proper Images and Graphics

  • Customers must obtain permission from the owner of any images used (i.e. corporate logos, original artwork, and copyrighted artwork). Voler may request proof of permission before processing your order.
  • Do not use low resolution web graphics. These low-resolution files are not suitable for printing. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to use images 150kb or larger, or 100 dots per inch.
  • Voler reserves the right to refuse any order based on objectionable artwork.

Supported File Types

The Custom Express Design Studio accepts the following file formats: .jpg, .png, .gif, .ps, .pdf, .ai, .eps. The maximum width of a graphics file is 20,000 pixels. Original .AI files are preferred.

Placing Graphics

  • Upload a graphic by clicking the + sign under the Upload Graphics section on the Add Graphics step.
  • After you upload a graphic, a thumbnail will appear under the header 'Upload Graphics'. If you click on the thumbnail, the graphic will be added to front of your garment. We suggest that you drag the logo into position instead. For example, if you are going to put an image on the back of your jersey, first rotate the jersey so that you can see the back panel. Then, click and hold your mouse while you drag your uploaded graphic to the general position you want. Release your mouse when your graphic is in location. Once the graphic is placed, you can click on it to move it around until you are satisfied.
  • **** A Custom Express representative will review the art on all incoming orders. If a graphic is not placed exactly center don't worry, our artists will make adjustments to the art and issue a proof before your order is released into production.

Scaling and Rotating Graphics

  • To modify graphics that you have placed on your jersey, you must first select the graphic. You can do this by either clicking on the graphic as it appears on the jersey, or you can select the thumbnail under the header 'Placed Graphics'. Once the bounding box appears around the graphic, you can use the handles to rotate or change the size.
  • The arrows in the upper left hand corner are the default scaling location. However, you can also scale using the smaller dots in the middle of the bounding box. The larger dots located in the upper right and lower left can be used to rotate the image. The trash can icon in the lower right will remove the graphic from your jersey.
  • When you hover over one of the scaling dots, your curser will change shape to let you know what action each dot will perform. If your curser turns into arrows, the dot will enlarge/reduce the graphic. If the curser turns circular, that dot will rotate the image.

Graphics Crossing Seams and Zippers

Sorry, We are unable to match or allow for graphics/text to cross seams.

Peloton jerseys, offered through the Custom Express Design Studio, feature a full hidden locking zipper. This means there is a small flap of fabric on either side of the zipper that meet in the middle. While the overall graphic is not upset, we do not recommend trying to match very small elements (i.e. small lettering) across the zipper. All garments are hand-made, so the relationship between printed elements and the zipper split may vary from jersey to jersey. If you must place an element across the zipper split, please ensure the details crossing the split are not smaller than a quarter of an inch in size. For best results we recommend them being at least a half inch or larger.

Full Hidden Zipper

Multiple Lines of Text

Currently the Custom Express Design Studio cannot produce multiple lines of text. If you are trying to create a jersey with several lines of copy, we suggest using a word processor first. Then, when you are satisfied, save the document as a PDF and upload it as an image to your jersey. If possible, save the page small enough to fit the text without an excess of blank space. The upload tool will place the sizing handles at the corners of the actual document size, which can make the graphic difficult to work with.

Saving, Sharing, Ordering

Finalizing Your Design

  • If you would like to many any last adjustments, hit the 'Prev' button until you are the step in the design you want to change. Once your design is complete, click 'Next Step' under the 'Save Design' section. At this point you can no longer make any changes to your design.
  • You must create a login to save or order a design; if you do not wish to create a login you can request a quote and we will contact you with more information about how to order.
  • We can make small alterations to logos and colors that are not possible with the online design tool, please communicate these alterations to us in the notes field during checkout.
  • All jerseys have either a chest or collar Voler logo in addition to a pocket logo. With some color combinations, the Voler logos may disappear on the 3D design. Please note that the logo color will be changed during the proofing phase so that both logos display with enough contrast to be seen.
  • Once you place an order we do not charge your credit card until after you approve your final proof.

Order Design Through Full Custom

You can use the Custom Express Design Studio to create a base design for our Full Custom process. This enables our professional artists to have a concept to start working from when the put your design together. From the Design Preview page you can click the 'Order Design Through Full Custom' link to start the process. Give us a call at 800-488-6537 if you have any questions about our Full Custom process.

You will then be able to enter specifics about your project and get connected with a Voler rep who can answer any questions you have, including pricing. Please see our Full Custom Product Catelog for available products through this program.

Order Now

When you select 'Order Now' you will be redirected to a preview of your garment with various fit options (such as Men's and Women's Race and Club). To add an item to your cart, you must select a fit and a size. Race fit is designed to fit tight against the body, and club cut is a slightly looser option.

The price listed on the ordering page is the price for a single jersey. Your quantity price breaks will appear in your cart.

Upon submission, your order is immediately placed in our Custom Express production queue. Within a full business day, we will review your artwork to determine if there are any issues that require your attention. During our review process, we will make sure that your artwork meets our quality and production standards.

  • If your artwork needs small adjustments, our representative will make those improvements (i.e. correcting the placement of an item that is not completely centered).
  • For larger issues, we will notify you by email regarding your artwork. We will then work with you to dial-in your design before a digital proof is sent.
  • After artwork issues are resolved, you will receive a digital proof. These proofs are the exact full-sized production files that we will use to produce your final garments.
  • Digitally signing your proof releases your order into our production workflow. At this time, you may not make further art changes.

Your order is guaranteed to ship from our factory within ten business days of receiving your signed approval and payment authorization. If we encounter any problems processing your credit card, your order may be delayed. Your ship date is not guaranteed until we are able to successfully authorize your credit card.

All Sales are Final

All sales are final on Customized garments. We will not replace or exchange customized item unless there is a quality issue with the garments produced. We recommend that you order a non-customized returnable version of the garments to verify sizing, especially if you are placing a large order.

If you require additional proofing to verify color accuracy or have specific design concerns, let us know during the proofing process and we'll accomodate these requests based on you need by date. You will not be charged until you provide us with a final artwork / order approval.

Garments Available in Custom Express

Currently the garments available via Custom Express are as follows:

Not all garments may not show as options in our online design studio, so you may need to add a note to your order, or call, but we can accomodate requests for all these garment types.

How To: Videos

How-To: Add, Place, and Scale Your Artwork