Christopher Mumma Ambassador

Christopher’s love of cycling started in his youth, on old steel bikes.

Then, at the age of 17, he joined the United States Navy, and served as a corpsman with the Marine Corps until he was injured in the line of duty. Christopher was partially paralyzed on his right side, and was told he would be in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He refused his diagnosis, and eventually regained 80% use of his right arm and leg. However, during that time he gained 150 pounds and tipped the scales at 300 lbs. Then, a medical emergency caused him to look at his life and how he was living it. Christopher started changing his life by going to the gym and changing his diet until he lost enough weight to get back on a bike. That was 6 years ago, and now he is a slim 140 lbs riding almost everyday. He has completed several Century rides, including finishing 13th in the Tour of the California Alps (Deathride) last year. In 2016, he rode over 12,000 miles while fighting bone cancer. His plans for 2017 include riding in 15 centuries, including the Deathride and Levi's Gran Fondo Panzer for the first time. He also plans to complete the RAAM in the next couple of years. Christopher's motto is “ride hard and ride often”.

Follow Chris' story: @chrismumma1213
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