Voler Rewards: Refer a Friend Give $10, Get $10

How It Works

Our Refer-A-Friend program allows you to send your friends and family members an email introducing Voler.com and our Voler Rewards Program. Also contained in the email is a special code they can register good for $10 in Voler Bucks just for enrolling in the Voler Rewards Program when they create a new Voler.com account or use their already existing account. The $10 in Voler Bucks is automatically applied to their account within 24 hours and can be redeemed at checkout when they place their next order.

As a special thanks for spreading the word about Voler, you too will receive $10 in Voler Bucks applied to your Voler.com account automatically within 24 hours after your friend makes their purchase.

Send Your Friends and Family an Email

Enter email addresses for friends and family you wish to refer in the fields to the right and provide a personal message you would like us to include in the referral email we will automatically send to each of them, then select the 'submit' button.

Share a Referral Link

Be creative! You can cut and paste your own unique referral link into your blog, email signature, or anywhere you think your friends will see it. Using the link to visit Voler.com will be like sending them a direct referral to enroll in Voler Rewards!

Error! In order to issue referals we need to know who you are so that we can properly reward you later! Please visit our login page using the link below to create and or login to your voler.com account.
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Voler Rewards

Terms & Conditions

Voler Rewards

Voler Rewards is our exclusive opt-in customer loyalty program in which members earn Reward Points on every purchase they make. Membership benefits also include a special birthday gift each year and exclusive membership offers.

Reward Points

As a Voler Rewards member, you'll earn one (1) Reward Point for every dollar you spend online for apparel and merchandise purchases from the Voler Store as well as for Semi Custom apparel orders and Full Custom apparel orders. One hundred (100) Reward Points are equal to $5 in Voler Bucks. Reward Points are automatically converted to Voler Bucks in 100 point increments. 

Voler Bucks

Voler Bucks can only be redeemed for Voler Store merchandise and apparel (excludes Gift Certificates, Full Custom apparel orders, Shipping, Sales Tax). You must be a current Voler Rewards member to redeem any Voler Bucks associated with your account. Voler Bucks have no cash value. All $5 Voler Bucks vouchers purchased or converted from Rewards Points expire 365 days from the date issued. Voler Rewards members will receive email reminders as expiration dates approach.


You may change your Voler Rewards enrollment status at any time by visiting the subscription preferences page on your account dashboard.

Reward Schedule

Voler Rewards members earn 1 Reward Point for every dollar they spend on Voler purchases, up to a maximum of 500 points per single transaction. From time to time, Voler makes special offers and promotions available that increase the amount of points earned for every dollar spent.

Reward Points earned for Voler Store purchases are processed nightly and automatically added to member accounts within 48 hours after ordered merchandise is shipped.  Reward Points earned on Full Custom orders are processed within 48 hours after the order has been finalized and forwarded to production. 

Birthday Rewards are issued seven days before your birth date as recorded in your subscription preferences.  Birthday Rewards are only issued if it has been at least one (1) year since you received your last Birthday Reward.

Voler Rewards Claim Process

How To Claim Rewards

When special rewards are issued via printed material and/or by email, the printed material will include a unique certificate number.  Recipients must visit our Voler Reward claim page and enter their certificate number to claim their reward.

Claiming Rewards

To claim any Voler Reward Points or Voler Bucks, you must enroll or already be enrolled as a Voler Rewards member. You may opt-out of this program at any time by visiting your subscription preferences.

Special Condition for Refer-A-Friend Referrals

As a Referred party in the Refer-A-Friend program, you must meet the eligibility conditions specified within the Refer-A-Friend section of our Terms and Conditions.



The individual who is initiating the Refer-A-Friend process shall be referenced as the Referrer.  The individual whom is being referred shall be referenced as the Referred.


The Referrer need not be enrolled in the rewards program to refer their friends or family; however, they must be enrolled at the time the Referred redeems their invitation in order for the Referrer to receive their portion of the reward.  The Referred is eligible to claim their reward if they have not received any Voler Reward points within the last year prior to redeeming the invitation.  Before sending any emails, the Referrer will be notified if the recipient is ineligible based on the email address provided.  Processing and sending of the referral email does not constitute eligibility for the Referred.

Referrer Limitations

The referrer is subject to a limit of $500 dollars in referral rewards within any given 30 day period.

Reward Schedule

An eligible Referred will be issued their reward upon visiting and claiming their reward online.  The Referrer will receive their portion of the referral reward within 48 hours after the ship date of the next order the Referred places. The ship date of their next order must occur within 90 days of claiming their reward.

Referral Rewards

The Referred will receive $10 in Voler Bucks automatically applied to their account and the Referrer will receive $10 in Voler Bucks automatically applied to their account when all eligibility, limitation, and schedule requirements have been met.


Changes to Terms and Conditions

Voler reserves the right to terminate or modify this program completely or in part, at any time without notice. The full terms and conditions of the Voler Rewards program can be found here.