Voler Event Solutions

Voler Event Solutions is designed to help minimize the stress and hassle of ordering products for your event by combining our standard ordering process for pre-event jerseys with that of our risk-free produce-on-demand jerseys. By making your event jerseys available before, during, and after your event, you'll save money by ordering only what you need and you'll make money by selling unlimited products during and after your event - all in the right sizes with no excess inventory. The perfect solution. Voler Event Solutions.

Getting Started

We begin with your artwork. You can submit a completed design or ask for help from our design team to create a jersey perfect for your event. Artwork must be in a digital vector format. We will create 3D sketches for your review. Once approved, we will be ready to begin the order process.

Pre-Event Ordering

Pre-Event ordering allows you to place your order as usual by collecting orders directly from riders through registration. You can use our free online ordering system with a link attached to your registration form or you can take the orders and simply submit a bulk order. The deadline to submit your order is 4 weeks prior to the date you want the order to be shipped.

Bulk Ordering Pricing - for 50+ piece orders

Unlimited colors. Airies Micro Plus fabric with 3/4 hidden zippers. Available in Club fit and Men’s and Women’s sizes. Allow 6-8 weeks lead time.

  • 50-99 pc: $49.00
  • 100-249 pc: $41.00
  • 250-499 pc: $36.00
  • 500-749 pc: $32.00
  • 750-999 pc: $31.00
  • 1000+ pc: Please call

No-Risk Virtual Ordering (Produce on Demand)

In addition to our standard pre-event ordering, you now have the ability to sell jerseys on-demand before, during, and after your event with No-Risk Virtual Ordering. By keeping an order link for purchasing jerseys available on your event site, participants will be able to place an order weeks or even months after the event is over. When an order is placed, we produce a single pre-cut jersey which then ships directly to the rider in 5-7 business days. No excess inventory. No loss in sales.

No Minimum - Virtual Jersey Pricing and Royalties

Retail pricing for Virtual Jerseys is $75 with 20% of the sale price going back to event. Shipping is built into the price and we will handle all exchanges and returns for retail priced jerseys. See our collection of Event Virtual Jerseys.

  • If you prefer, you choose to only use the No-Risk Virtual ordering option and not have to deal with any of the jersey sales. We will handle everything for you. There are no minimums with this program.
  • Depending on your needs, you can choose between multiple ordering programs or even mix them to maximize sales. Need help deciding which combination is right for your event? Give us a call - we’re here to help.

For more information please contact us at 800-488-6537 or sales@voler.com