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Story behind the design.....

Smack dab in the middle of the 90s, fed up with the seriousness they found in the local mountain bike racing scene, three very fast Nor Cal derelicts named Robert, Sean, and Scott seceded from the ranks and founded a team called The Amigos. Donning their finest orange coveralls, they proceeded to take on all comers in whatever mountain bike race it was they didn’t happen to sleep through, aboard bikes with only one gear, which was at that point little more than a curiosity. Soon enough, they brought S. Kinevil on as a fourth into their realm, and together they became known as merry pranksters who were more than willing to drink themselves silly, and then barely arrive at the starting line in time before finally tearing the legs off most comers. The final components to the madness were Minneapolis racing legend Gene Oberpriller, and most recently former Retrotec mega pro Smed, making the squad complete. Like all bright flames however, their careers burned hot but had potential for a limited shelf life, yet just the same, racing, heckling, and not giving a rat’s ass what anyone thought of them was the foundation of their movement. Though it could be argued that their salad days are behind them, they still proudly wear the colors as a lasting homage to the legacy and community of dirtbag bottom dwellers. It was this heritage that inspired the 2016 AHTBM kit design. It’s a tribute to not only the All Hail The Black Market brand and immediate comrades, but to all who subscribe to a steady diet of good-hearted trouble making aboard two wheels. It is to us that a cap is tipped, and a can is raised.

The Amigos are dead. Long live The Amigos.

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